Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kebangkitan Semula

Dengar title je dah rasa macam wow nya.
Gempak sangat lah konon. Padahal takde apa-apa pun.
I decided to delete all my posts and start berblog again.
Actually, I dont know how to start, because my write-up always look dry.

But, someone telah membangkitkan semangat I untuk berblog semula.
Siapa dia? Biarlah tiada siapa yang tahu.
Look at her now, she (yes perempuan okay) seems very happy with her life and at least now she has something to look back about all her past. Something to share with her family, memories that keep alive.

I wish I could do the same. Tapi, macam dah terlambat je.
I missed my university life a lot.
I have a lot to tell but I missed it.
Working life is not fun at all. Believe me!
Do appreciate your study life, seriously!

Okay, boss dah panggil. Till we meet again. XOXO


M Kamal said...

Welcome back, Kak Ain! :3

Dewi Aja said...
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